Academic Success Center

Our mission is to serve as a critical link between students and a fully successful academic experience. The Center provides:

  • • Writing, history, psychology, religion, accounting, biology and math tutoring
  • • College study skills
  • • Developmental education assistance
  • • Workshops
  • • One-on-one academic coaching
  • • New student services
  • • Mentorship services

The Academic Success Center, located on the first floor of the library, provides several different types of academic assistance, including writing, math, ESL and history tutoring, academic workshops and individual academic coaching.

Housed within The Center are New Student Programs, Mentorship Programs and placement testing. There is also a small computer lab for writing purposes.

Did you know?

The ASC offers laptops and study carrels for research and printing, as well as round tables for group study.
Contact Information

Academic Success Center
Location: Eunice and James L. West Library

Michael Anne Greer
Director, Academic Success Center

Mon: 8 am-6 pm
Tues: 8 am-6 pm
Wed: 8 am-6:30 pm
Thurs: 8 am-8 pm
Fri: 8 am-5 pm
Sat: 10am-2pm

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