Brandon Bowers

Brandon Bowers
Mr. Brandon Bowers
Tutor Coordinator

Academic Success Center

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A new but familiar face, Brandon joined the Texas Wesleyan professional staff in summer 2013. Before his role as the Academic Success Center’s Tutor Coordinator, he earned a B.A. in English with a writing concentration while tutoring in the center.

Always ready to learn, he also completed consecutive internships for the university’s English department, including a role as Final Design and Layout Editor for Aries, Wesleyan’s scholarly journal.

Brandon is proud to be a part of the changes on campus, and he looks forward to the challenges that his brand new position will bring.

People are saying:
Brandon is a passionate life-long learner who is dedicated to education. He is always ready to help others in their pursuit of knowledge. Struggling students are always welcome at his desk in the center!

Bachelor’s in English, Texas Wesleyan University.
Master’s in Business, Western Governor’s University.

Did you know:
Before his return to school, Brandon worked as a desktop publisher for a locally-owned small business. He has always possessed an interest in writing and editing.

Brandon has played and taught guitar for over twenty years. He also enjoys writing and reading horror and science fiction short stories.


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Academic Success Center
Location: Eunice and James L. West Library

Michael Anne Greer
Director, Academic Success Center

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