Music Enrichment and Travel Experience

One unique aspect of our degree
program is the inclusion of this
national and international
cultural travel experience. All
music degree candidates at
Texas Wesleyan are "required"
to enjoy this opportunity at least
once during their tenure in the

The music faculty at Texas Wesleyan University is well aware of career challenges facing students after graduation. We realize the demand for musical training in today's employment climate is vastly different than last century’s, and so we believe it is no longer realistic to apply 20th century educational traditions to 21st century culture and economy. Consequently, our focus is shifting from creating highly-skilled, specialized laborers to preparing balanced citizens who will serve their communities with music as one of their primary skills.

With the goal to offer a range of options to the dedicated music professional-to-be, the Wesleyan curriculum now features three distinct baccalaureate degree tracks in music:

  • Bachelor of Music Education
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music

We prepare young musicians to become advocates for themselves, for music, for all the arts and for the best our society can be. We want to help students find new ways to connect with audiences on and off stage, bringing in new listeners without offending old. Our students acquire skills beyond traditional musical techniques, develop strategies for communicative performing, build meaningful interactive presentations and think critically about their relationship to audience and community. To do this, our students must converse well, think clearly, write persuasively and still perform excellently.

Our new curriculum includes integrated arts study and musical enrichment and travel experiences that inform students about their world and wider opportunities for their artistic endeavors and creative contributions.

Texas Wesleyan University is also home to wonderful Music Venues.

Music Performance

Wesleyan has streamlined its Bachelor of Arts in Music degree so that it now contains 127 carefully selected, balanced and sequenced credit hours for completion. Students receive advanced training from highly accomplished faculty in their individual performance media, as well as courses in music theory, history, and literature, foreign language, interrelated arts, and general education. This focus strikes a harmonious balance between the highly skilled specialist in music and the well-rounded citizen who serves his/her community with music as a primary skill.

For the first time in its history, Texas Wesleyan now offers a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree with specialty track in Sacred Music. In addition to the same strong foundation in the core music classes as the other two curricula, students opting for the program in Sacred Music receive specialized training in music and worship, hymnody, and a rotation of four professional internships in Christian church settings. Graduation with this degree track positions them for, should they choose it, full accreditation in music worship from the Methodist church conference.

All-Level General Music Education

With their Bachelor of Music – All-Level Music Education degree, students pursue a fast-track toward music certification in the public schools of Texas. Classes are taught by highly trained music specialists in instrumental and choral methods, instrumental techniques, diction and pedagogy, as well as distinguished School of Education professors in the state-mandated education curriculum.

Graduates with this degree are fully certified to teach all grade levels of vocal, general, and instrumental music in Texas.

Did you know?

Before 1989, Texas Wesleyan
University was Texas
Wesleyan College. This
designation is still displayed
atop the Oneal-Sells
Administration Building, itself a
Texas Historical Landmark.

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