Kaeli Vandertulip

Kaeli Vandertulip
Assistant Professor of Library Science
Library and Graduate Programs of Nurse Anesthesia
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EJW 132
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In the medical profession, seconds can sometimes be the difference between life and death. So, too, can making decisions based on facts rather than intuition.

Ms. Vandertulip understands nurse anesthetists face critical, life-saving decisions every day. She also understands making decisions based on “what you know” is better than making decisions based on “what you think.” Making medical, life-saving decisions based on “what you know” is referred to as “evidence-based medicine,” she said.

“Everything I teach is designed to fit into evidence-based medicine. It’s the difference between going with your gut instinct versus using evidence to diagnose treatment decisions.”

Going with one’s “gut instinct” may be fine when selecting a marinade for the Saturday’s cookout, but it isn’t fine when someone’s wellbeing hangs in the balance. Ms. Vandertulip teaches students in the Doctorate of Nurse Anesthesia Practice program how to research and find answers to their questions about patient care, diagnosis and treatment. And, she teaches her students how to find answers fast.

“If it’s easy and fast to find evidence, they will. If It’s hard, they won’t. When a nurse anesthetist is working, they don’t have six hours to find an article that deals with the issue they’re facing. They need to be able to find it in six minutes.” Ms. Vandertulip’s job is to teach them just that. It’s to teach them how to find life-saving information in minutes rather than hours.

Otherwise, she said, they won’t be able to practice evidence-based medicine.

M.S. Library Science, University of North Texas
B.S. Biology, University of Texas at Arlington
Certificate of Advanced Studies in Medical Information,
University of North Texas

Did You Know?
Ms. Vandertulip is just as busy when she’s not at work as
she is on the job. She has three sons and she’s a
dedicated gardener. A “career student who collects
degrees,” Ms. Vandertulip is currently pursuing an MBA.

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