Dr. Phillip Pelphrey
Title: Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Associate 
Professor, Chemistry
Phone: 817-531-5869
Fax: 817-531-4275
Email: ppelphrey@txwes.edu
Office Location: MCF 310B
Degrees: B.S., Ph.D.
Research Interest: Synthetic methodology, Synthesis of biologically active

Dr. Katherine Prater
Title: Associate Professor, Physical Chemistry and Dean of University
Phone: 817-531-4233 or 817-531-5824
Fax: 817-531-4275
Email: kprater@txwes.edu
Office Location: EJW 202
Degrees: B.S., Ph.D.

Dr. Robert G. (Bob) Landolt
Title: Professor Emeritus
Phone: 817-531-4890
Fax: 817-531-4275
Email: rlandolt@txwes.edu
Office Location: MCF 303
Degrees:B.A., Ph.D.
Research Interest: Oxidation of organic compounds with hypochlorite.

Dr. Ricardo E. Rodriguez
Title: Professor of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Inorganic Chemistry
Phone: 817-531-4249 Fax: 817-531-4275
Email: rrodriguez@txwes.edu
Office Location: NAB 124C
Degrees:B.S. Chemistry, Baylor University, Ph.D. Chemistry, Texas
Christian University, Research Fellow, National Cancer Institute
Research Interest: Protein modification and enzyme kinetics. Science


Brad Polenz
Title: Chemistry Lab Coordinator
Phone: (817)531-4889
Fax: (817) 531-4275
Email: brppolenz@txwes.edu
Office Location: MCF 311A
Degrees: B.S. in Chemistry, Texas Wesleyan University.
M.S. in Organic Chemistry, Texas Christian University.


Tamika Reynolds
Title:Administrative Assistant, Mathematics and Sciences
Phone: (817)531-4893
Fax: (817) 531-4275
Email: tareynolds@txwes.edu
Office Location: MCF 310
Degrees: B.A., Texas Wesleyan University

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