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View the upcoming trips to learn more about our faculty-led short term programs abroad.

If you are looking for a longer program abroad, or something not offered though our faculty-led programs, third-party providers offer other opportunities. Make an appointment for study abroad advising by calling our office, or emailing

Upcoming Trips

Please visit the International Programs Office (Brown-Lupton Campus Center, North End) for information on upcoming programs accepting applications, or email

Helpful Travel Resources

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Travel Advisory

Most travel to international destinations is safe and without incident. However, travel to certain destinations may involve greater risk than others. Therefore, review travel prohibitions, warnings, announcements, and advisories issued by the United States Government before booking travel to international destinations.

Do not make international travel plans without first consulting the International Programs Office. Additionally, do not travel outside the United States without all required documents and proper research into the country of destination. Texas Wesleyan University is not liable for any damages, losses, or incidents during periods of international travel.

Other Study Abroad Opportunities

Students may participate in study abroad experiences sponsored by organizations affiliated with or recommended by Texas Wesleyan University.  Some affiliated organizations offering programs in different countries are:

  • Council on International Educational Exchange  CIEE
  • Centers for Academic Programs Abroad  CAPA
  • Cultural Experiences Abroad CEA
  • International Studies Abroad  ISA, and
  • Institute for the International Education of Students   IES
  • Also, unique study programs are offered by SIT Study Abroad.

These organizations take care of your study plans and needs. A fixed fee is paid to the organization.

Scholarships for International Study

Check with the Texas Wesleyan University Financial Aid office to see which scholarships and loans will apply to study abroad.

Gilman Scholarship

The primary goal of the Gilman Scholarship is to serve students traditionally underrepresented in US Study Abroad. A key eligibility requirement is that the applicant must be receiving a Pell Grant at the time of application. Applications are due December 15 and April 15 for the following semester.

See website for more details:

Freeman-Asia Scholarship

The primary goal of the Freeman-Asia Scholarship is to serve students wanting to study in Asia. A key eligibility requirement is that the applicant must not have spent more than 4 weeks in the proposed country of study within the last 5 years. See website for more details:

NSEP/David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarship

The primary goal of the NSEP Scholarship is to serve students who want to learn a language in a meaningful context and to study in countries whose languages are less commonly taught at U.S. institutions and countries in areas of the world that are critical to the future security of our nation.

See website for more details:

Marshall Scholarship

The primary goal of the Marshall Scholarship is to serve students wanting to pursue a degree or third year at a university in the UK. See website for more details:

Other Scholarships

Search for other scholarships at:

Did you know?

Each student is assigned to a faculty advisor who assists the student plan out their programs of coursework, schedule, and discuss career planning and options.


Dr. Ronnie McManus
Religion and Philosophy
Professor, Bebensee University Scholar

"I like trying to help students
critically think. If I don’t learn
something from the students, I
don’t feel like it was a
successful teaching endeavor."

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What the students thinkā€¦

"What I love about being able to study abroad is not only did I get to experience and see things we've learned about in the classroom, I received credit hours as well!"

Julie Smith English Class of 2012

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