Sumners Scholars


Laura Alexander
Major: Political Science
Class of 2013

Laura recently traveled abroad to China, where she studied foreign policy and world literature for 10 days.

Brandy Hendon
Major: Political Science
Class of 2012

Brandy feels that political awareness is a great responsibility for all citizens.

Garry Jones
Major: Political Science
Class of 2013

Biographies are interesting to me because they show what a person has done with their life - what worked for them, what didn’t work for them.

Samantha Max
Major: English
Class of 2014

Teaching isn't as easy as it looks!

Eliana Mijangos
Major: Mass Communications Public Relations
Class of 2012

Eliana is currently a shooting guard on the Texas Wesleyan women’s basketball team.

Tambre Ruggiero
Major: Education
Class of 2013

Tambre says she loves “working together for a common good.”

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