Meisa Keivani Najafabadi

Meisa Keivani Najafabadi

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About Me

Only Floss the Ones You Want to Keep
"I’d like to go to dental school after I graduate from Wesleyan. I work at a dentist’s office now, and it’s exposed me to what a great profession it is."

She’s an Artist, Too
Meisa works in mixed media. Her art was featured on campus at the Schollmaier Science and Technology Center for a University College Day spotlight. "Your life should always be balanced, and I like working with my hands, so [dentistry and art] actually make sense together."

Favorite Artist?
Aydin Aghdashloo, an Iranian artist and critic that Meisa studied under for a short period of time. "I read a published letter he wrote to his son, inspiring him to do something with his life, and it was so fascinating and inspiring to me."

Critical Thinking – More Than a Grade
Meisa, who is from Iran, says her personal experiences have shown her the importance of thinking critically. "It’s important to not just listen to what everyone says – you should be searching for yourself, and education gives you the resources to think for yourself. That’s what critical thinking really is."

Why Smaller is Smarter
"You realize you have more capability than you thought you did. I showed my work to Peter Colley, associate professor art, and he encouraged me to exhibit it at UCD. Going to Texas Wesleyan has been a great opportunity for me."

Member of
Mortar Board
Beta Beta Beta
American Chemical Society
Pre-Med Society

Movers & Shakers
Meisa volunteers for Cancer Care Services and is also a math tutor in the Academic Success Center.

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Smaller. Smarter.

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