Master of Business Administration

The next level isn't going to reach down to you.
What will I learn?

Our professors have experience across the professional world, including major corporations, government and small businesses. So, whether you’re headed to the top floor or opening a street-level shop, our MBA program can give you the tools to do business better.

You'll learn:

  • Hard skills like economics, accounting, finance and marketing
  • Soft skills like leadership, teamwork and ethics
  • How to strengthen your networking skills
  • Real-world skills through hands-on projects and company visits
When are classes?

We have classes during spring and fall semesters, as well as some summer session classes. Classes meet once a week, Monday through Thursday evening.

What are your admission requirements?

You can apply online at any time. Here's what we use to make our admission decision:

  • Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university
  • Overall undergraduate GPA of 2.6 or higher
  • Three letters of recommendation that demonstrate your motivation, capacity and experience
  • One written essay that shows your objectives in pursuing an MBA
  • Minimum of 1,000 points based on GPA and GMAT (or GRE conversion) score formula
Calculate your minimum score:
  1. Your last 60 hours of undergraduate GPA
  2. Multiply that by 200
  3. Add you GMAT score (or GRE to GMAT conversion score)
  4. Your total must be higher than 1,000
Smaller. Smarter.

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