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Meet Rodney Erakovich
Rodney Erakovich
Assistant Professor of Business

The wrong information, the wrong decision; The right information, the right decision.

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Why is the right information so critical?

"It’s the right information that builds the knowledge to make critical
The right information is gathered using a structure that ensures it is valid
and reliable to power enabling decision makers to make effective decisions.
Information used to produce knowledge should truthfully represent a
concept and have a certain level of internal consistency."
How does data empower decision-makers?

"Many decisions are made based on intuition, experience or by “the seat-of-
the-pants.” By researching an issue and gathering the right information,
decision makers can make a more informed decision.
This doesn’t eliminate risk – it provides the analysis of risk and allows
decision makers to be better informed about the outcomes of their
decisions. This also builds knowledge management through intellectual
Some people say "data and research" is boring ...

"Research is a very dynamic process. Research Methods is often presented
as a linear process with one specific step following another.
Yes, you need structure, but the process may be overlapping, backtracking,
finding new issues that need consideration and ultimately answering the
question or solving the problem on which the research is based. It's a lot
more than just staring at a textbook, and that's why we teach it the way that
we do."
Smaller. Smarter.

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