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Graduate Admissions

You know education matters. You know what it can do for someone’s life. Think of what it can do for yours.
What will I learn?

First, you'll build your teaching skills and learn how to critically evaluate education practice. But you'll also work in a specific concentration that focuses on what you want to learn and prepares you for certification. You can study one concentration or more if you'd like:


You'll build the skills to motivate students and teachers to achieve a common vision, and you'll also learn how to assess that achievement and adapt to specific situations in leadership.

Gifted & Talented Education

  You’ll learn curriculum design assessment and differentiated instructional strategies – and you’ll design and conduct a research project to submit for publication in an educational journal or text.

Math Education

We'll teach you how to present material, use technology and improve your mathematics instruction at any teaching level.


Learn how to develop literacy skill and engage stalled readers. Diagnose reading difficulties and help English as a Second Language readers and adult readers.

Reading Specialist

You’ll learn the foundations of reading and how to diagnose and fix reading difficulties. You'll get research and real-world experience in elementary or secondary content areas from expert professors.

Science Education

Develop your skills as a science educator, learn how to present material and use technology to improve your science instruction with a focus on graduate-level science courses.

Second Language Education and Culture

Understand the cultural issues for non-English speakers of different ages. We’ll teach you the importance of communication across cultures – and you’ll learn how to transform a classroom with it.

When are classes?

We have classes during spring and fall semesters, and during two shorter summer sessions. Classes meet once a week, Monday through Thursday evening, as well as Saturday morning and afternoon.


What are your admission requirements?
  1. Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university. Note: If your degree is in a field other than education, you have to take nine hours of undergraduate courses or be alternatively certified by the State of Texas.
  2. A GPA of 3.0 or greater on a 4.0 scale OR a GRE score of 900 or greater (or equivalent on the new score scale). Questions on the new score scale? Talk to a counselor for help.
  3. A writing sample administered on campus, three letters of recommendation and a current resume or vita
  4. Administration concentration only:
    1. A teacher service record with two years of teaching experience.
    2. Evidence of strong teaching and leadership ability through PDAS scores, grants received, research and project.
Want another concentration?

Have you already gotten your master of education degree? You can return to school and pursue any concentration you would like to prepare for certification in another concentration area.

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