You have favorite books – plural. You’re writing down ideas nonstop. You’re not just good at grammar; you’re diagramming this sentence in your head right now. We’re thinking English is for you. English teaches you how to understand and communicate ideas, which is great preparation for graduate school or a professional career.

What Are Some Potential Careers?
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Web Content Development
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Education
What Courses Would I Take?
  • Web Culture and New Media Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Writing in the Natural Sciences
  • Advanced Grammar, Style, and Editing
  • African-American Literature
What Else Can I Do?
What's a Good Minor?
Where Are Your Students Now?
  • Studying law at schools like Texas Wesleyan and the University of Texas
  • Pursuing graduate studies at schools like TCU, Texas State University and UT Arlington
  • Building careers as professional writers in public relations and technical writing
Degree Information

B.A., English


Price McMurray
English Department Chair
Polytechnic United Methodist
Church, #253

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