The world of finance is full of big decisions and unexpected twists and turns – you need to be prepared. Our program teaches you how to manage money and make decisions with confidence. Finance is a big world. Be ready.

What Are Some Potential Careers?
  • Banks
  • Business/Brokerage firms
  • Finance offices in car dealerships
  • Not-for-Profit Accounting
  • Internal Auditing
  • Tax Planning
What Courses Would I Take?
  • Investments
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Money and Banking
  • Investment Practicum
  • International Finance
  • Managerial Finance
What Else Can I Do?
  • Attend the Texas Investment Portfolio Symposium
  • See finance in the field with visits to places like the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
  • Earn your MBA or a master’s degree
  • Pursue an internship in the finance industry
Where Are Your Students Now?
  • Attending graduate school programs or law school
  • Pursuing professional careers as financial advisors and financial analysts
  • Employed by financial institutions like West-Side Bank, FTS International and CIBC

Scholarship Opportunities

The department offers financial
resources for students. Contact
the School of Business
Administration office at 817-531-


Department of Finance
School of Business
1201 Wesleyan St.
Fort Worth, TX 76105

Degree Information

B.B.A., Business Administration 
major, Finance Concentration

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