Pre-Law Emphasis

Rigorous, advanced writing classes. Logic and reasoning classes. Communication and discussion practice. Our pre-law emphasis is critical thinking in its purest form and a great preparation for law school. You’ll learn to look at an argument from all sides and find a solution – and that’s a unique advantage for a law career.

What Are Some Potential Careers?
  • Law (With Graduate School)
  • Government
  • Policy Analysis
  • Public Service
What Courses Would I Take?
  • Critical and Logical Reasoning
  • Moot Court
  • International Law
  • Legal Ethics
  • Judicial Process
  • Political Theory
What Else Can I Do?
  • Hone your skills in our new pre-law lab
  • Compete on our Moot Court or Mediation teams
  • Learn from experts in the political science and law fields
Where Are Your Students Now?
  • Studying law at Texas Wesleyan, Baylor and Texas Tech
  • Attending graduate schools like the University of Baltimore and UT Arlington
  • Practicing law in the DFW area

Scholarship Opportunities

Contact Michelle Payne at 817-
531-6507 or
to learn more about scholarship


Michelle Payne
Assistant Professor of Political
Polytechnic United Methodist
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