Mediation Courses

Basic 40-Hour Mediation

Prepare for 40 intensive hours of dispute resolution skills training... In addition to covering topics that meet the statutory standards for training mediators in Texas, this course gives special emphasis to the legal, psychological, financial, cultural, social and procedural dynamics of the mediation process. Lectures, role plays, case studies and demonstrations will instill and enhance the techniques and skills needed for successful mediation.

This training may be applied toward partial fulfillment of the requirements for membership in the Texas Association of Mediators. This course complies with the standards set by the Texas Mediation Trainers Roundtable and Chapter 154 Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code. Information on Mediator Credentialing through the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association will be provided during the training. Professional opportunities in the conflict resolution field will also be addressed.

Family Mediation

Family law cases involve complex emotional and legal issues which require specialized expertise on the part of mediators.

Whether addressing the division of retirement accounts or the division of parenting time, being able to help parents reach interest-based solutions to their disputes is critical for them to move forward in a healthy fashion. This course covers the complex issues of family dynamics in relationship to legal issues, child development and practical aspects of family law.

Participants will leave with additional skills and strategies for addressing these most difficult and emotionally charged cases. The Wesleyan Conflict Resolution Program integrates an extensive overview of family violence issues as part of its curriculum. This training, which can also be registered for as a stand-alone, one-day program, meets the requirements for training in family violence under the Texas Family Code for parenting coordinators and parenting facilitators.

A review of mediation techniques will precede an in-depth look at the marital property law of Texas, tax issues and problems that arise in complex suits affecting the parent child relationship. The class will also explore ethical issues of family mediation and feature technological advances utilized in marital property disputes. This training can be used to meet part of the requirement for judicial appointments in family cases in Texas.

This course complies with the standards set by the Texas Mediation Trainers Roundtable and Chapter 154 Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code.

Parenting Coordination and Parenting Facilitation

Intense or prolonged inter-parental conflict can disrupt children’s relationships with one or both parents, creating lasting problems for parents and children. Such conflict can lead to a reduction in financial support for children due to the costs of repeated unproductive litigation, the children experiencing behavioral and social impairment and a host of other negative outcomes.

Parenting coordination and parenting facilitation are child-centered problem solving services for parents raising children between homes who need professional assistance in working together to protect their children from parental difficulties while learning better ways to resolve their conflict.

Coaching, Workplace Conflict and Organizational Ethics

A core course for a conflict specialist, this class provides instruction in such essential skills as effective–communication, reflective listening, productive questioning, managing group dynamics, consensus building, creating an ethical workplace culture and collaborative problem solving.

The course is particularly useful for business managers, human relations specialists, and government professionals as leadership and ombuds training. An understanding of the sources of conflict, coupled with knowledge of conflict styles, enhances the ability to resolve disputes and enables the conflict specialist to work in a variety of settings.

Training for executive and life coaching is part of the course. Coaching is a dynamic adventure, a partnership, working together toward executing the client’s leadership goals in a supportive, confidential environment through the process of dialogue, analysis and reflection.

Co-trainer, Dr. Linda Galindo, Organizational Change Management Specialist.

Negotiation and Persuasion

The core competency for dispute resolution work is the ability to negotiate effectively and help others to do so.

Extensive skills training in the areas of negotiation planning, persuasive communication, decision analysis, option generation and evaluation, closure techniques and advocacy in various dispute resolution processes will be accompanied by interactive exercises and other activities to fast-track the participant.

This is advanced instruction in such selected areas as solution focused collaboration, reframing and the use of case evaluation for disputes arising in employment, partnership, family, debtor/creditor, corporate, government and personal injury settings.

Mediation Practicum (Non-Credit Only)

Required of all candidates seeking a Certificate in Conflict Resolution, the practicum offers a chance for a newly trained mediator who has taken both the Basic 40-Hour and the Family Mediation courses to participate in mediation with a coach. Over a period of approximately four months*, the student will work with the instructor in mediating four cases as an observer, co-mediator, and lead mediator with the instructor observing. Cost: $950

* Many factors can shorten or lengthen the practicum experience: schedules of the student and instructor, availability of suitable cases and cancellation rates. If the student is unwilling or unable to pursue the scheduling and attending of mediations and does not respond to repeated efforts by the instructor to complete the practicum, the instructor will terminate the course after appropriate notification to the student. In the event the course is terminated, no refund of the fees will be made.

Conference Policies

Confirmation Letter: All event correspondence will be delivered to you by email. It is important to provide a current email address on the registration form or online and to check your spam box for information from Texas Wesleyan University. Our goal is to provide you with up-to-date information regarding this event in a timely and efficient manner.

Cancellation: Cancellations will be accepted until two weeks prior to the starting date of each class. A processing fee of $100 will be deducted from each refund. Refunds will not be issued once the event starts; however, substitutions may be made at any time. Texas Wesleyan reserves the right to cancel if sufficient enrollment is not met. In the event of cancellation, Texas Wesleyan's liability is limited to the program fee.

Cellular Phones: Please turn off cellular phones while the conference is in session.

Recording Devices: All audio and video recording devices are prohibited at the conference without prior written permission from Texas Wesleyan University.

Smoking: The West Library is a smoke-free facility.

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