Dr. Kalpana Pai

Dr. Kalpana Pai
Associate Professor of Economics and Finance

School of Business Administration

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AMB 311

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Dr. Pai has been teaching at Texas Wesleyan for seven years. She teaches mostly economics, finance, and statistic type classes for undergraduates and graduates.

"I really like teaching Micro Economics because I feel like students get some understanding of how what they are learning impacts their lives. It's especially interesting in election years. They read things in the paper or see things on the news, and hear all the candidates talking about employment and inflation. I hope this class helps them relate what they are learning to their own lives and gives them tools to improve their life. It's not just theories and things they 'have to' learn. Hopefully, I'm teaching them something that will truly help them. I'm always telling my students, remember at least a few things from this class, like why they shouldn't get an adjustable rate mortgage."

"As business students in today's global economy, they need to understand the key economic and workforce issues they will face. My hope is that I educate and inspire young people to value free enterprise, business, and economics to improve the quality of their lives."

Dr. Pai enjoys Texas Wesleyan's small class sizes. "Small class sizes help me to get to know the students and getting to know them, which I enjoy, really helps the students do better in class."

In her classes, Dr. Pai is known for using a lot of technology products, such as clickers (response system), SMART Boards, and other kinds of "software and gizmos." "I use technology as a method to engage the students a little more in class."

She says that one thing most of her students don't know about her is that she has many degrees. "I must like school! I'm still here."

Ph.D. Public Policy and Political Economy — University of Texas at Dallas
M.S. Applied Economics — University of Texas at Dallas
M.S. Accounting — University of Texas at Dallas
M.S. Management and Administrative Sciences — University of Texas at Dallas
Master of Management Studies, Finance — University of Bombay
B. Comm. Financial Accounting and Auditing — University of Bombay

Did You Know?
While Dr. Pai doesn't have much free time with a toddler at home, she does enjoy reading fiction, as well as painting landscapes and abstracts in oils and acrylics.

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