Dr. Sara Horsfall

Dr. Sara Horsfall
Associate Professor of Sociology

Social Sciences

Office Location:
PMC 243

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At Texas Wesleyan since 1998, Dr. Horsfall thinks the students are the best part of her job. “My philosophy is to help the students learn how to think. In my classes, I like discussions. I like to challenge students. I like the students to look at things in different ways. We work hard together, but we also usually have a good time.”

She has a book of collected articles by herself and students on the Texas Wesleyan neighborhood, “A Neighborhood Portrait: Polytechnic Heights of Inner City Fort Worth.”

Her interest is in social issues. “It’s what sociologists do, they study their environment and how people interact.” A text and general interest book on social problems will be published next year.

Ph. D. Sociology — Texas A&M University
B. A. — Montana State University

Did you know?
Dr. Horsfall plays classical and folk guitar, in the past playing semi-professionally and giving lessons. She has traveled to about 30 different countries, as well as lived in several different countries.

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