Strategic Plan: Financial Vitality

Goal 4: To achieve a level of financial strength that supports academic excellence and affordability for students

  1. The mix and structure of the academic programs will align with financial responsibility.
    1. Each academic program will have improved by 25 percent in their direct contribution to University fixed costs.
    2. All programs will have improved by 25 percent in their combined contribution to overhead to University fixed costs.

  2. Student enrollment levels will support the overall financial strength of the University.
    1. The undergraduate population will increase to 1,800 FTE including 300 new freshmen and 440 new transfer students annually.
    2. Graduate enrollment will increase to 750 FTE.
    3. The population of students in on campus housing will increase to 500.

  3. Tuition will remain affordable to Wesleyan’s target population.
    1. Cost of attendance will be maintained at the 50th percentile among peer institutions.

  4. Alumni giving will support the overall financial strength of the University.
    1. Alumni giving will match the national average of 13 percent measured by the Council for Aid in Education.

  5. All capital projects will be funded primarily through gifts.
    1. 100 percent of capital projects will be funded through gifts and will include a 10 percent maintenance endowment.

  6. The Endowment will sustain the academic and student support programs of the University while maintaining tuition at an affordable level.
    1. The endowment level will increase by an average of 5 percent per year, leading to an endowment balance of $50 million.
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