Strategic Plan: Marketing & Branding

Goal 5: To be recognized in the community as a leader in the provision of pre-professional undergraduate liberal arts and graduate professional programs.

  1. The community will be aware of the University and its programs.
    1. Increase awareness in DFW by 111 basis points, from 1.39 to 2.5, using the annual Student Insights Report’s Likert scale thereby placing TWU at the mid-range of compared institution.
    2. Increase the perception index in DFW by 60 basis points, from 1.65 to 2.25 using the annual Student Insights Report’s Likert scale thereby placing TWU at the mid-range of compared institutions.
    3. Students will indicate a seven-of-seven score on questions related to Wesleyan’s reputation in the community on the Noel-Levitz Student Satisfactory Inventory.
    4. Enrollment goals will be met.
    5. Advancement goals will be met.

  2. All University communications will reflect a consistent and coordinated Texas Wesleyan brand aligned with the academic and strategic priorities.
    1. All University communications will share a common look and feel (visual identity).
    2. Prospective students and the community will be able to identify Wesleyan’s value proposition as "Smaller. Smarter." This will be measured by responses to the Noel-Levitz marketing research conducted every three years. Forty percent of students should be able to identify descriptors associated with this value proposition (e.g. work closely with faculty, small classes, personal attention, critical thinking).

  3. Communications internally and externally will be enhanced through the support of the advancement of Texas Wesleyan by all divisions and departments.
    1. 100 percent of all departments and divisions will be fully aware of Texas Wesleyan’s key message pillars.
    2. 100 percent of all University websites will have a fully engaged news and events section (supported by the department) that demonstrates proficiency at promoting our key message pillars.
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