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Avoid the finals frenzy: ASC tips for early preparation

11.17.2015 | By:

It is hard to think about finals when you are studying for your last round of tests or formatting your last paper. The reality is finals are coming. There is no escaping it. The best remedy for stress is to take control and prepare. The Academic Success Center can help you in your preparation, but the time is now.

5 Ways the ASC can help you prepare for finals:

  1. Come by the ASC and get a finals schedule.
  2. Begin to block off your study times on an ASC time schedule.
  3. Locate your resources for each class: quizzes, tests, and notes.
  4. Visit with your professor to see what format your exam will be: essay, multiple choice, cumulative, or project-based.
  5. Schedule an appointment with a tutor to refresh your memory on topics you may have forgotten. There is also a General Study tutor that can help you with study tips and organization.

Just spending a little time this week can get you headed in the right direction for a less stressful finals experience. Don't forget that the ASC will be closing on November 25 at noon, and tutors will be adjusting their schedules when we return from Thanksgiving break so plan accordingly.

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