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ASC tutor appointment scheduling policy revised to accomodate demand

09.26.2014 | By: Texas Wesleyan University

The Academic Success Center has been full of activity this semester. Our tutors have been providing assistance to students in a wide range of courses, including math, ESL, writing, science, accounting, history and economics. We have already had 581 appointments scheduled this semester.

Due to this overwhelming demand for appointments this semester, we have had to make a change to our policy for scheduling appointments with a tutor. Students will be allowed to schedule re-occurring appointments with the same tutor 2 weeks in advance.

Students are always welcome to come into the ASC without an appointment and receive unscheduled assistance with a tutor in between assisting his or her scheduled appointments.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for students, but we feel this will be a more efficient scheduling policy for our tutors. This policy will be more fair for students as well.

Keep on coming into the ASC. If you haven't been by, we invite you to come by and check out all the ways the ASC can assist you.

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