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Want to learn from your mistakes? Find out how in a tutoring session in the ASC

09.18.2014 | By:

Do you ever wonder what happened during a test? 

You studied and knew all the information but your grade was not what you expected. You can still learn even after the test.

This is an excellent time to schedule an appointment with a tutor in the Academic Success Center to review your mistakes and any feedback you received from your professor. Take advantage of this golden opportunity to identify your errors and learn from them. 

The tutors in the ASC can assist you in this process. They can review a test with you, or even analyze a graded paper to determine how you can improve for the next one. 

So the next time you get back a test or assignment, don't just throw it in your backpack to collect dust. Take a look at it and learn from your mistakes, or better yet, pat yourself on the back for what you did right.

Questions about scheduling an appointment in the ASC, contact Kelly Anderson or 817-531-4219.

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