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Find Your Faculty Advisors

Texas Wesleyan's shared advising makes sure you get the help you need inside and outside of the classroom. Our academic advisors know the ins and outs of university policies and procedures and use that knowledge to help you plan your degree and graduate on time.

Faculty advisors are content experts that can share insights on various industries and help you leverage your education to a successful career. If you want to know how well your skills and talents match up to a career path, faculty advisors can help.

Find Your Faculty Advisors

Get the most out of your degree with professional advice from experts in their field. Faculty advisors:

  • Serve as mentors by providing their knowledge of your major
  • Help you figure out if your major is a good fit
  • Work with you to develop a career path that meets your goals

Undecided? That's okay. They can help you figure out if your potential major is right for you.

To find out who your faculty advisor is, log into Ramlink and click 'Email My Advisor,' or visit your school's advising page for more info: