Concentrations and Certifications

Writing Concentration

How valuable is effective writing? Careers for writers and editors are expected to increase in the coming years, both nationally and in the state of Texas. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2014, there will be 17 percent more jobs for writers and editors (including technical writers) than there were in 2004.

Most professionals spend 40 percent of their time writing; moreover, professionals who write well can earn 30 percent more money than their colleagues with weaker writing skills. (Business Communication 8)

Therefore, regardless of your ultimate career choice, you will be more successful with strong communication skills. So, be smart — increase you chances for success.

Writing Classes Offered:

  • Advanced Grammar, Style, and Editing
  • Composition Theory & Practice
  • Creative Nonfiction
  • Fiction Writing
  • History of Rhetoric
  • Introduction to Writing
  • Play Writing I
  • Play Writing II
  • Poetry Writing
  • Research Methods
  • Special Topics (Writing)
  • Technical Writing
  • Writing and Marketing
  • Writing for the Public
  • Writing for the Web

Choose a concentration in either rhetoric/composition or creative writing.

"Writing is an exploration; you start with nothing and learn as you go."
—E. L. Doctorow

Literature Concentration

Do you enjoy reading and discussing literature? Consider majoring in English with a literature concentration. In addition to providing an enjoyable experience, your degree will prepare you for a variety of professional careers or graduate schools options.

Our graduates have gone on to graduate degrees in law, ministry, business, library science and a variety of other disciplines. Others have gained recognition in positions as varied as museum associates, writers, political leaders and public relations specialists. A degree in English prepares the mind, so you have a plethora of options.

Literature Classes Offered:

  • Adolescent Literature
  • African-American Literature
  • American Literature I and II
  • American Women Writers
  • British Literature I, II, and III
  • Contemporary American Fiction
  • Drama
  • Heroes in Literature
  • Introduction to English Studies
  • Introduction to Women Studies
  • 19th Century British Women Writers
  • Senior Seminar
  • Shakespeare: Comedies and Histories
  • Shakespeare: Tragedies
  • Short Story
  • Southern Literature
  • Special Topics (Literature)
  • Studies in the Novel
  • Women in Literature
  • World Literature I and II

Major in English with a Literature Concentration

"Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man."
— Sir Francis Bacon

Secondary Education Certification

Have you always wanted to teach? We now offer you the option to earn a degree in English with certification. Plus, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the demand for English teachers will increase 17 percent by 2014, so prepare for one those exciting jobs. Together with the School of Education, we have developed a wonderful program that allows you to graduate with your degree in English, ready to teach. Full-time students can complete this fantastic degree in just four years.

Required English Classes:

  • Introduction to English Studies
  • Style and Structure
  • Composition Theory and Practice
  • Advanced Grammar, Style and Editing
  • Teaching Literature to Adolescents
  • Senior Seminar/Portfolio for Education
  • Studies in British Literature I, II or III
  • Studies in American Literature I or II
  • Heroes in Literature
  • Shakespeare: Histories and Comedies or
  • Shakespeare: Tragedies
  • Any 6 hours upper-division English courses.

Required Education Classes:

  • 2300 Introduction to Education
  • 3301 Roles and Responsibilities
  • 3304 Instruction and Assessment
  • 3308 The Exceptional Child
  • 3310 Multicultural Education
  • 4110 Pedagogy and Professional Development
  • 4347 Reading in the Content Area
  • 4321 Diagnosis and Reading
  • 4382 English/Language Arts in Secondary School
  • 4604 Student Teaching in Secondary School 

"An emblem yields to friends and enemies
How the bold teacher's doctrine, sanctified
By truth, shall spread, throughout the world."

— William Wordsworth

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