Mass Communication Courses

1302. Mass Media and Society   3 hours

Scope, process, problems, criticisms, history, organization and operation of the media. Use of media literacy and news literacy as a field of study to help improve societal consumption of news, media functions and analysis of the media through a critical thinking process.

1303. Writing Across Media        3 hours

Prerequisite: C in ENG 1301 and enrollment in ENG 1302

Fundamentals of structuring and presenting information in written form for the mass media with a specific focus on writing and presenting information that fits the correct medium. Emphasis on language usage in a converged journalism setting.

2200. Practicum                2 hours

Prerequisite: C in ENG 1301, 1302; MCO 1302 and MCO 1303 or concurrent enrollment

To provide critically-thinking, motivated students with practical experience in mass communication industries through participation in the work of Rambler Media Group entities. This is a practical workshop in which students contribute to Rambler Media Group as content producers, account executives, editors, directors, designers, and photographers as relevant to the particular medium. Students are encouraged to discover and develop a specialty. May be repeated for credit.

2342. Communication and Rhetoric         3 hours

Prerequisites: C in ENG 1301 and ENG 1302; C in MCO 1303

Writing for mass media using well-developed and grammatically correct sentences that tell a vivid story. Incorporation of the rhetorical principles of clarity, conciseness, precise language, style, and arrangement. It will use the AP Style manual to guide grammar, spelling, social media references, attribution, and editing.

2345. Integrated Media Reporting           3 hours

Prerequisite: C in ENG 1301, 1302, C in MCO 1303 Fundamentals for use of digital tools in reporting for Internet news sites and other online media. The focus is on using digital tools to gather audio and visual material that helps to tell the story accurately for the correct media outlet.

2408. Digital Production               4 hours

Prerequisite: ENG 1301 and 1302; MCO Writing Across Media; may be concurrently enrolled

Basics of audio production and video production to comply with current industry standards.

3310. Advanced Digital Production          3 hours

Prerequisite: MCO 2408

Use advanced techniques in the creation of digital content. Students will use industry-standard equipment and software to create digital content that effectively targets a tailored audience.

3316. Feature Writing and Production   3 hours

 Prerequisite: MCO 1303, 2342, 2345, and 2408

Methods of gathering material, recognizing ideas, and writing narrative non- fiction stories and background material for newspapers, magazines, online, newsletters and in public relations settings. Focus on the ability to turn a written feature into a digital production using industry-standard equipment and techniques.

3320. Digital Design and Editing                3 hours

Prerequisite: MCO 1302, 1303, 2342, 2345, and 2408; FAR 2322 Copy editing and rewriting of headlines, cutlines, design, layout and proofreading for the print media and online media outlets, including social

media and websites.

3346. Advertising Copywriting   3 hours

Techniques of writing, visualization, and production of print and electronic media advertisements.

3351. Survey of Public Relations               3 hours

Techniques and practices of public relations in industry, commerce, government, and non-profit fields.

4300. Internship               3 hours

Prerequisite: ENG 1301 and 1302; MCO 2200; Junior or senior standing and permission of the department chair.

Supervised employment and field study/work in mass communication- related entity in an off-campus setting preferred. You must work a minimum of 120 hours during the semester.

4301. Communication Laws and Ethics   3 hours

Study of the current standards and responsibilities of public communication in the mass media and related industries. Study of laws relating to print and digital media and government regulation. Review of laws regarding public relations and advertising industries.

4318. International and Intercultural Communication    3 hours

Study of the concepts, theories and processes of mass media and mass communication in the world, with particular emphasis on government- media and communication relationships. Study of communication within and across cultures.

4346. Public Relations Campaigns            3 hours

Prerequisite: MCO 3351

Case studies in advanced public relations, with emphasis on problem prevention and correction, crisis management and long-range planning. Focus on client relations and use of standard public relations processes and techniques in creation of strategic public relations campaigns.  


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