Mass Communication Courses

1301. Introduction to Mass Communication 3 hours

Scope, process, theories, problems, criticisms, history, organization and operation of the media.

1303. Writing for Mass Media 3 hours

Fundamentals of structuring and presenting information in written form for the mass media. Emphasis on language usage.

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1306. Introduction to Broadcasting 3 hours

Survey of the history, regulation and practice of radio and television broadcasting and study of associated technologies of telecommunications.

1309. Film Aesthetics (FAR 1309) 3 hours

An analysis of the communicative features of major films produced in the United States. A variety of genre, time periods and styles are presented to examine film organization, structure and content in relation to effective communication.

2200. Practicum 2 hours

Supervised, applied experience. Various topics. May be repeated for credit.

2308. Popular Culture in the Mass Media 3 hours

The content, effects, and relationships of mass media, mass culture and mass society. Special emphasis on popular culture of youth as reflected through mass media.

2314. Introduction to Photography (ART 2314) 3 hours

Prerequisite: Student needs to have 35mm camera
Introduction to still photography techniques and darkroom practices. Emphasis is placed on artistic and journalistic uses of the camera. Includes a 2-hour laboratory per week. This course does not fulfill the general education fine arts requirement.

2315. Mass Media in the Vietnam War 3 hours

Historical images and accounts of the Vietnam conflict as reflected in mass media in the United States. Particular emphasis on news reporting of Vietnam policies of the United States government, domestic civil dissent and military action in Vietnam (1964-1973). Additional study of later perspectives and interpretations, especially in books, film and television.

2316. News Reporting 3 hours

Prerequisite: MCO 1303
Fundamentals of news reporting for all media, including laboratory practice.

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2321. Opinion Writing 3 hours

Prerequisite: MCO 1303
A detailed look at how to write opinions in acceptable journalistic style for the print media. Subject areas include letters to the editor, editorials, columns and critical reviews. The course will cover how to select pertinent topics for editorials and critical reviews, how to obtain a background in the subject under consideration, and how to conduct research on the chosen topic.

2398. Computers in Art and Design (ART 2398) 3 hours

Introduces students to the tools, techniques and creative imaging possibilities using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Explores how the computer is used to create new and traditional forms or artwork, utilizing digital photography, traditional photography, digital imaging, installation, video art, advertising and design. Students are exposed to contemporary and historical computer and design issues. Class meets 6 hours per week. Art studio fee applies.

2401. Audio Production 4 hours

Course focuses on the utilization of sound as a medium; the development of information and entertainment programs for radio; and audio techniques for radio, recordings, film and television.

2406. Beginning Television Production 4 hours

Introduction to operation and use of television production equipment, including fundamentals of television production and direction.

3301. Radio-Television Writing 3 hours

Course covers all forms of writing for the broadcast media and film, including scripts, commercials and advertising copy.

3306. Broadcast Journalism 3 hours

Theoretical and practical approach to gathering, assembling and presenting the news for radio and television.

3316. Feature Writing 3 hours

Methods of gathering material, recognizing ideas and writing feature and background material for newspapers and magazines.

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3317. Advanced Photography (ART 3317) 3 hours

Prerequisite: MCO 2314
Employ advanced still photography and darkroom techniques. Emphasis is placed on artistic and journalistic uses of the camera. Includes a 2-hour laboratory each week. This course does not fulfill the general education fine arts requirement. Art studio fee applies.

3321. News Editing 3 hours

Copy reading, rewrites, headlines, cutlines, layouts and proofreading for the print media

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3334. Internet Services (4333) (MIS 3334) 3 hours

Prerequisite: MIS 2303
Provides an overview and understanding of the conceptual background needed to become Internet literate. Examines a broad range of topics regarding the Internet: origins, email, discussion groups, search engines and using the World Wide Web. Course content includes the design and implementation of personal web pages and the use of Internet resources for online research.

3336. Advanced Television Production 3 hours

Prerequisite: MCO 2406
Study and practice of production skills and strategies in both studio production and independent or non-studio production for television.

3341. Principles of Advertising (MKT 3341) 3 hours

Prerequisite: MKT 3321 or consent of instructor
Survey of the role of advertising in society. Basic concepts include marketing message creation, budget determination, agency-client relationships, media and social responsibility of advertisers.

3346. Advertising Copywriting 3 hours

Techniques of writing, visualization, and production of print and electronic media advertisements.

3351. Survey of Public Relations 3 hours

Techniques and practices of public relations in industry, commerce, government and non-profit fields.

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4300. Internship 3 hours

Prerequisite: Permission of department chair
Supervised employment and field study in newspaper or broadcast news, advertising, public relations or broadcast production. May be repeated once for credit. Grade of “P” or “F” only.

4301. Communication Laws and Ethics 3 hours

Survey of the standards and responsibilities of public communication in the mass media. Study of laws relating to the print media and government regulation of broadcasting.

4306. Audience Analysis 3 hours

Prerequisite: 12 hours in mass communication
The practice and process of determining audience size and composition through the interpretation of television and radio ratings and print media audits.

4310. Internet Advertising (MIS 4310) 3 hours

An examination of the techniques, visualization and production of advertising for the Internet.

4311. Broadcast Advertising 3 hours

Principles, techniques and practices of advertising as applied to the broadcast media.

4318. International and Intercultural Communication 3 hours

Study of the concepts, theories and processes of mass media and mass communication in the world, with particular emphasis on government-media relationships.

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4326. Investigative Reporting 3 hours

Prerequisites: MCO 2316 and 3316
Advanced methods of obtaining information, developing sources, probing and writing through investigative techniques.

4334. Advertising Campaigns (MKT 4334) 3 hours

Prerequisite: MCO 3341
Advanced study of advertising, marketing, and communication theories. Course includes development of advertising plans for specific situations.

4346. Public Relations Campaigns and Programs 3 hours

Prerequisite: MCO 3351
Case studies in advanced public relations, with emphasis on problem prevention and correction, crisis management and long-range planning.

4369. Advertising Design (ART 4369) 3 hours

Basic layout, concept, and art production, including portfolios and the structure of advertising agencies and design studios.

4370. Advanced Advertising Design (ART 4370) 3 hours

Different kinds of layouts from rough to super comprehensive. Specific layout and rendering techniques using pastel and markers. Fundamentals of typography design with the application of corporate identity programs.

4371. Advertising Design Using Computers (ART 4371) 3 hours

An introduction to the basic uses of computers in advertising design and the development of an understanding of how different software, including word processing, illustration and page layout programs work together to complete projects. The different ways of setting typography and general typographic rules will be explored. Art studio fee applies.

4372. Advanced Advertising Design Using Computers (ART 4372) 3 hours

A study of techniques of how to optimize the use of page layout programs to complete various projects ranging from advertisement layouts and multifold brochures to billboard and signage design. Students will also learn how service bureaus and vendors help get designs out of the computer and intofinished form for reproduction. Art studio fee applies.

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