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Get your MBA 100% online
Get your MBA 100% online

Degree Plan

As a liberal studies major, you'll take classes from different areas of the University that interest you. You'll take classes from one or two disciplines (or group of related areas of study) and take several classes from each.

Discipline I

Liberal Arts

English Languages 
Fine Arts/Art/Music/Theater Religion/Philosophy
History Pre Professional (3PR)
Discipline II

Social Sciences

Counseling Political Science
Education Psychology
Paralegal Studies Sociology
Criminal Justice  
Discipline III


Accounting International Business
Business Administration Management
Computer Information Systems Management Information Systems
Economics/Finance Marketing
Discipline IV

Science & Mathematics

Computer Science Science

Total Credit Hours: 124

Download your discipline guide today or see more details by logging in to your Ramlink account. You can also see course numbers and descriptions by looking at the University Catalog.

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Need a little bit more?

Sometimes the course number and title just aren't enough, sometimes you need to know what the class is about. We have course descriptions that will tell you what kind of material is covered in the class, the prerequisite courses you'll need to take and more.

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Important Notice: A placement testing hold is placed on all students who require reading, writing or math placement testing. In order to register for classes during orientation, placement exams must be completed prior to the advising session. Once the placement exams are completed, students will be able to register for classes.

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