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Dr. Jenny Dean is a professor in the School of Arts and Letters in the Department of Mass Communication.

Jenny J. Dean

Assistant Professor of Mass Communication
BMH 201

Courses Taught  

  • MCO 4301 Mass Communication Law and Ethics
  • MCO 3320 Digital Design and Editing
  • MCO 3316 Feature Writing
  • MCO 2345 Integrated Media Reporting
  • MCO 2343 Communication and Rhetoric
  • MCO 1302 Mass Media and Society
  • SPC 1301 Fundamentals of Speech  


  • B.A. Luther College, Art and Anthropology
  • M.S. Syracuse University, Photography
  • M.A. University of Colorado Boulder, Journalism
  • Ph.D. University of Oregon, Communication and Society
  • Certificate. University of Oregon, New Media and Culture  

Research Focus 

  • Journalism and newsroom culture
  • Visual communication
  • Media ethics
  • Credibility of information
  • Social media in the newsroom


  • Dean, J. (2019). "How Smartphones Have Changed the Job for Better and for Worse—The Experiences of Reporters." Journalism Practice, DOI: 10.1080/17512786.2019.1582353
  • Dean, J. (2016). "A Case Study Examining How Reporters Deal with the Challenge of the Economy and Technology." Presented at AEJMC. Minneapolis, MN. 
  • Dean, J. (2015). "The Role of the Reporter: A pilot study examining the relationship of reporter routines to technology." Presented at the What is Journalism Conference, Portland, OR. 
  • Springer, N. Ryan, K., Mapaye-Chavez, J., & Dean, J. (2013). "Revisiting Content Analysis and the Study of Network News: A call for change in approach." Presented at The Broadcast Education Association Conference. Las Vegas, NV. 
  • Mapaye-Chavez, J., Dean, J., Ryan, K., and Springer, N. (2012). "Digital Flow: New Approaches to TV News Research in the Digital Age." Presented at the What is Television Conference. Portland, OR.
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