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Dr. Ronnie McManus

Dr. McManus Bio picture

Ronnie McManus

Professor of Religion, Bebensee University Scholar
Polytechnic United Methodist Church 304

Ethics is Dr. McManus’ area of expertise and something he always finds interesting. “It’s a topic that never goes out of vogue. There are always going to be ethical issues, having to do with character, and right and wrong, good and bad. It’s interesting because there are always surprises.”

At Texas Wesleyan since 1979, he has no desire to retire. One of Dr. McManus’ favorite courses to teach is graduate-level HealthCare Law and Ethics in the Nurse Anesthesia program. “I see myself as a facilitator like I’m presenting material and exploring with students. I like trying to help students critically think. If I don’t learn something from the students, I don’t feel like it was a successful teaching endeavor. That old saying, ‘to teach is to learn twice,’ is probably true.”

He has been involved in intercollegiate ethics contests and served on medical centers ethics boards. “There are some interesting problems that hospitals and medicine have to face. It seems technology has pushed the limits in the choices people have to make.”

Dr. McManus is working on a manuscript for parents about philosophy for children.


  • Ph.D. Marriage and Family Therapy/Psychology – Texas Woman’s University
  • Doctorate of Ministry Philosophy and Counseling – Texas Christian University Divinity School
  • Master’s Theology — Southern Methodist University Perkins School of Theology
  • B.S. Religion Humanities – Texas Wesleyan College

Did you know?

Dr. McManus loves to paint and is a big fan of the impressionistic work of Claude Monet. He is a grandfather, enjoys golf, and has traveled to Scotland and Manchester, England, to play at famous golf courses. He was in the first class of male students accepted into the doctoral program at Texas Woman’s University.

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