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Neumann joins Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

06.23.2014 | By:

‌‌‌Dr. Terrence Neumann joins the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, lending his expertise in biochemistry, where he will teach Biochemistry I, Biochemistry II and Physcial Science and the Enivronment.

Dr. Neumann's research interests relate to Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Using computational and laboratory techniques, he searches for inhibitors and chemical probes of proteins essential to the Mycobacterium's survival.

Dr. Neumann was raised on a rural Wisconsin farm and attended the University of Wisconsin-River Falls where he was a Ronald E. McNair Scholar. Upon graduation, he attended the University of Minnesota-Duluth and obtained his Master of Science degree in Mathematical Chemistry. In Fall 2007, Dr. Neumann joined Marquette University, later earning his Doctorate in Chemistry studying protein structure using nuclear magnetic resonance techniques.

Before arriving at Texas Wesleyan University, he served as a postdoctoral fellow at Concordia University Wisconsin.

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