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Weir joins Chemistry & Biochemistry Department faculty

08.20.2015 | By:

Dr. Michael Weir, Assistant Professor

Dr. Michael Weir has joined the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, contributing his proficiency in analytical chemistry. Dr. Weir will teach Analytical Chemistry, Advanced Instrumental Analysis and the Nature of Physical Science.

His research interests explore control of nanoparticle catalysts. These catalysts are used for fundamental electrochemical reactions, supporting developments in energy technologies. His interests also extend to chemical education.

Dr. Weir grew up in Beaumont, Texas. He studied at Lamar University, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and later a Master of Science degree in Chemistry (Education).

His doctoral work was at the University of Texas at Austin, using X-ray absorption techniques to study nanoparticle catalysis in situ.

He has since worked at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas as a postdoctoral researcher and at the University of Delaware as a preceptor.

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