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Stacia Campbell

Headshot of Stacia Campbell

Stacia Campbell

Associate Professor of English
Poly United Methodist Church 237

Courses Taught

  • English 1301: Composition & Rhetoric I
  • English 1302: Composition & Rhetoric II
  • English 2308: Introduction to the Profession of English
  • English 2326: Constructions of Gender in Contemporary American Literature
  • English 3310: Advanced Writing
  • English 3343: Advanced Grammar, Style, & Editing
  • English 4346: Topics in Contemporary Rhetoric
  • English 4364: Web Culture & New Media Writing
  • English 4345: Topics in Professional Writing (Technical Writing)
  • English 4399: Special Topics (Women’s Rhetoric)
  • ASE 1111: Academic Success Experience (Freshman Seminar)
  • English 4350: Independent Study (Topics varying from Victorian Literature & Discourse to Composition Pedagogy & Feminist Rhetoric)


  • Ph.D. in English with Specialization in Rhetoric & Composition, TCU, 2003
  • M.A. in English with Specialization in Literature, ASU, 1995
  • B.A. in English with a Minor in Spanish, ASU, 1991

Research Interests

  • Multimodal composition and new media studies
  • Pedagogy: active learning, high-impact practices, and student success
  • Community-building in online environments 
  • Sabbatical Spring 2017 to research “writing, identity and vulnerability” and to write a college textbook with Carol Johnson-Gerendas on written and verbal communication (for writing and speech courses)

About Professor Campbell

Dr. Stacia Dunn Campbell is Associate Professor of English at Texas Wesleyan University, where she serves as Writing Program Director and writing specialist teaching all levels of rhetoric and composition courses within the Department of Languages & Literature. She is a member of the Learning Communities faculty and also serves as an instructor in the Academic Success Experience program. Dr. Campbell holds a Ph.D. in English with a specialization in rhetoric and composition from TCU; a master’s degree in literature, and a bachelor’s degree in English from ASU.

Prior to teaching at Texas Wesleyan, Dr. Campbell worked as a writing consultant for an international architectural engineering firm and did consulting for non-profit organizations. Her research interests include intersections between communication and composition theory, student success, and critical pedagogy. She welcomes the challenge of helping students find their voice in personal, academic, and professional writing genres and environments. When Dr. Campbell is not on campus teaching or advising students, you will find her reading poetry and theory and enjoying time with her family.


Selected national and regional conference presentations from 2017 back to 2014 only:

  • “Interrogating the Liminal Space Between Print and Digital Literacies: Rites of Passage inTraversing Multimodal Writing While Achieving Outcomes for Students, Instructors, And Programs.” PANEL TITLE: Students Authoring and Engaging in Interfaces: Blogs, Wikis, and Digital Media as Sites of Negotiated Collaboration in Composition.Conference of College Teachers of English. February 2017. Hurst, TX.
  • “Students Framing Themselves as Critics and Creators: Social/New Media as Sites ofMultimodal Learning.” Lead Presenter of Interdisciplinary 50-minute concurrent session.Lilly Conference. International Teaching Learning Cooperative. 7 January 2017.Austin, TX. 
  • “Privacy Level & Student Engagement: Interfaces as Invocations”(presentation discussing closed and open online interfaces and opportunities within course management systems for student engagement; provided bibliography for audience members).Texas Social Media Research Institute. Tarleton State University. 6 November 2015. 
  • “Clouding up: The Cumulative of Community & PLE’s (Personal Learning Environments) inOnline Courses.” Panel title: “Tweet On, Cloud Up, and Program In!: Righteous Risks InCreating Communities via Online and Hybrid Interfaces at Assignment, Course, and ProgramLevels.” (national conference, 30% acceptance rate, recruited professors for panel) Conference on College Composition and Communication, Tampa, FL, March 18-21, 2015. 
  • “Clouds & Community: Helping Students Build Cumulative PLE’s (Personal LearningEnvironments) Online” Panel title: “Innovating with Online Experiences: DesigningLearning Experiences that Help Students “Cloud” Up and “Tweet” On.” Georgia InternationalConference on Information Literacy, Savannah, GA, attended by university librarians and faculty from across the disciplines. 9-11 October 2014.
  •  “A Module State of Mind: Mentoring and Building Community in Online Writing Courses,”Conference of College Teachers of English (CCTE). Lubbock Christian University, Lubbock,TX. February 27 – March 1, 2014.

Selected, back to 2010 only:

  • Neeley (Campbell), Stacia Dunn. “Embedding Ethics in Assignment Design and Assessment: UsingThe E-folio to Close the Loop for Students in First-Year Comp Classes” CCTE Studies2012. 
  • Neeley, Stacia, and DeeAnn Day. “[Dis]Connecting Cultural Constructs:Using Youth Culture in a First-Year Comp Sequence.” The X Series for Professional Development. Movies, Music, and More. Fountainhead Press, 2010.