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Getting a Jump on Your Music: How to prepare for the new semester

07.24.2018 | By:
Wesleyan Music Faculty

Maybe you're a new student, excited about your very first semester with the Department of Music at Texas Wesleyan, or maybe you're a semester away from graduation, and about to put on a senior recital. Either way, you can prepare to be the best musician possible before the semester even begins by following these 5 tips!

1. Contact your concentration professor

You can check who will be teaching you in your musical concentration by calling the music office at 817-531-4992, emailing them at, or simply checking the faculty and staff page and finding the person who teaches that concentration. Get hold of them before the semester begins so you can talk about your schedule, get some ideas as to their expectations for performance, and even have them suggest music you can start learning.

2. Practice, practice, practice!

Too many students, both new and experienced, treat the summer and the first part of the academic year as a time to take it easy. You should get some quality relaxing in, but make sure you're taking time to practice every single day. You'll be a better musician and a better student for it!

3. Record your practice and listen to it

When you practice, are you truly practicing in a way that will make you better? Perfect practice makes a perfect performance, so record your practice sessions and then go back and listen to them the next day. Make notes about things you feel you could do better.

4. Listen to as much music as possible

Now is the time to train your ear. Be listening to the kind of music you want to teach, perform, and appreciate. That means more than just the pop top 40! Find some great recordings on YouTube, Spotify, etc. of opera, wind ensembles, choirs, or any other serious musical literature. You're going to have to recognize the classics-get a start on that right now!

5. Set your schedule, as much as you can, right now

College life is busy and unexpected things will pop up, but if you have a system in place, and a set time to practice every single day, you're much more likely to stay consistent. Consistency is the true key to good musicianship, so begin now for a better musical life.

The Department of Music is so excited to welcome all of our students to the campus for the 2018-19 academic year. You can play your part to make this year great by following these tips and starting out the Fall ready to go. See you on Aug. 20!