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BA vs. BS: which psychology degree is right for you?

No one psychology path is the same, especially when it comes to the type of degree you’re looking for. While it might seem a little confusing at first, the difference between a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of science is actually pretty simple.

Bachelor of Arts

If you plan to go straight to working right after college, then a BA might work for you. Take the skills you learned in class and your internships and tailor them to potential careers and field like education, journalism or social work, for example. With room to take a foreign language, you could even get a leg up on competition for jobs where knowing a second language is preferred or even required.

Bachelor of Science

Maybe your passions are in math or science. Then a bachelor of science might be for you. Your course work will be more science-intensive, covering biology, physics and chemistry, while still making sure you learn the basics of psychology and counseling. 

A BS is especially good if you plan on going to graduate school. The science course load is perfect if you’re looking to go pre-med. That will help you stand out from the crowd in your grad school application.

No matter which one you choose, a Texas Wesleyan psychology degree will set you up for success. “We want you to be a well-rounded student,” Matthew Hand, Ph.D., psychology department chair, said. “We built our program to explore what you truly want to do with your degree, regardless of if you want to work right away, or go to grad school.”

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