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How much do psychologists make?

Depending on your interests, your psychology degree can take you down different career paths. With that also comes differences in how much money you could potentially make. Check out the different salaries you could make depending on your specialty of choice.

Clinical Psychologist

This is a field where the salary can vary because of where you work. The national average is around $81,000. Here are some averages based on the industry:

  • Elementary and secondary schools: $77,430
    • Work with families, teachers and school administrators to foster a healthy, safe and supportive learning environment.
  • General medical and surgical hospitals: $85,090
    • Work with hospital staff and patients to treat psychological problems related to physical and mental health.

Sports Psychologist

Your interest in sports could turn into a high-paying career in this field. The average salary is about $55,000. But if some of your clients are professional athletes, that could bump your salary to over $100,000. 

With hard work, your interest and passion in psychology can mean some big money in the future. Whatever your interests are, give Texas Wesleyan’s psychology program a look. Pursue your interests with our flexible degree plan, regardless of whether you want to work right after graduation or go to graduate school.

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