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New religion curriculum and significant scholarships

08.27.2020 | By:
Study Religion Smaller. Smarter. 690 x 460

Our new religion major program design streamlines the requirements to make double-majoring or adding a minor accessible. Requiring 30 hours of religion with only one "required related" course, the program enables students to chart their own course of study to suit their interests and to use their abundant elective hours to take the non-religion courses most relevant to their goals.

Also, we have significant scholarships for qualified religion majors and minors, with amounts ranging from a few hundred to a full ride: The Jack and Jo Willa Morton Scholarship, The Whitney Scholarship, The Mollie Jarrell Phillips Endowed Scholarship, The Braswell Award, The Larry Bishop Scholarship Fund and ample funds for Templeton Scholarships.

We even have a new cutting-edge minor in Interfaith Leadership.

Talk to Dr. Pevateaux at or Dr. Weddle at to find out more.

See our brochure. Study Religion Smaller. Smarter.

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