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Theatre student's play to be presented at American College Theater Festival

01.16.2018 | By:
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This past fall semester, Professor Connie Whitt-Lambert assigned her Playwriting I students the task of writing a play inspired by, or in the fashion of, a historical event.  Theatre major Alexandra Flurry struggled with writers' block trying to come up with an idea.

"But one day, she handed out this [photo] with a man sitting alone on a covered wagon with eight horses in front of him," Flurry said.  "I immediately thought to myself: 'Why would someone who’s traveling alone need eight horses?' I knew exactly what I wanted to write about."

Flurry developed the ten-minute play, titled The Ramifications of a Changed Man, which she said "allowed me to write something out of my comfort zone, and finalize a story about two regular folks with heavy stories to tell."

Upon reading the play, Whitt-Lambert said that Flurry should consider entering the play in a festival. Flurry responded by saying, "I had never finished writing an entire play, let alone entered one in a contest."

Flurry entered the play for the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival's consideration in their National Ten-Minute Play Award category.  The festival, which will be held this spring at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas, will host all Region VI states which include Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

"I had my share of doubts," Flurry said.  "After all, this was not just a contest for Texas undergraduate students. Graduate students from a handful of southern states also entered.  It frightened me!"

In the weeks since she was notified that her play was selected to be presented at the festival, Flurry has shared her excitement with friends and family.  "Being selected for this festival is something I have always dreamed about.  I cannot wait to see where this experience takes me, and I am infinitely excited about what I will take away from it."

About the show

Braun is traveling west to start a new life, in the hopes of escaping his inner demons. Along the way, he comes across Christina—a woman with purpose and a dark story to tell. Unbeknownst to either of them, their backstories begin to collide, causing each character to pull from deep within themselves to gain closure over their past hardships.

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