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Graduate Carlos Brumfield's Top 5 Theatre Wesleyan moments

05.24.2016 | By: Texas Wesleyan University

Theatre Wesleyan visited with some of the recent graduates from the class of 2016 to ask them about their Top Five lists as a member of the theatre department.

From Top Five moments, shows, or words of advice, these newly distinguished Theatre Wesleyan alumni had great words to say and memories to share for current and incoming students.

Carlos Brumfield shared his Top Five favorite moments of being a part of Theatre Wesleyan as a theatre major.

5. Pre-Show Rituals

This counts as multiple moments, but every year before musical auditions or during a tech rehearsal, we would have an impromptu singing moment that lasted forever. We would sing old cartoon themes and we always sang "Hallelujah."

4. The 39 Steps

Being able to be cast in The 39 Steps. That show was a blast to work on. I've had an amazing time with fellow students Dean Phillips II (junior theatre major), Clarissa Murillo (junior theatre major), Colton Mallory (senior theatre major) and Giselle Saucedo (senior theatre major).

Side Note: Carlos was cast as one of the two clowns who played multiple characters in The 39 Steps.

3. Joking Around With Friends

Inside thing, but Jasmine West (senior theatre major) and our constant conversations, but the "hyena in heat" conversation still makes me giggle.

2. Telling Tales

Being able to put together Telling Tales with other amazing playwrights, actors, directors and having the support from everybody was so fulfilling. I think it was more special to me than anyone would ever know.

Side Note: Telling Tales was an entirely original work created by our students and was presented as part of Theatre Wesleyan's long-running Playmarket series.  Carlos was one of the co-writers and co-directors of the production while still having the opportunity to play a few small roles.

1. Making Great Friends

Meeting such a wonderful group of artists. From partying to complaining, to long study sessions for theater history, to cramming lines for class, to faking dance steps until we made it, to hitting flat/sharp notes and faking that too. I've made wonderful friends.

"These are moments I will wrap myself in when I forget that there are people in the world who are warm and caring" - Golden Girls

Side Note: Anyone who knows Carlos will know his love for Golden Girls.

Carlos' Theatre Wesleyan credits included Telling Tales (Various Characters), The 39 Steps (Clown), The Drowsy Chaperone (Ensemble), How Many To Tango? (Tom), Four Walls (Ralph), Fuddy Meers(Assistant Stage Manager), The Survivor (Assistant Director), Rent (Tom Collins) and Manny & Jake (Manny). He was a co-writer and co-director on the Playmarket production of Telling Tales in May and had his original play, Let's Start at the Beginning, presented as part of our long-running Playmarket series.

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