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English Practice Partner Program (E3P)

About the Program‌‌

The English Partner Program (E3P) was established fall 2013 to help Texas Wesleyan international students improve their conversational English skills. Sponsored by the School of Business Administration, E3P is open to all students, faculty and staff from all departments. We welcome anyone to participate and help us build lasting friendships.

Practicing English. Making friends. Experiencing other cultures. We do our best to pair-up native English Speakers (US, Canada, UK, Australia) with non-native speakers to develop and enhance English conversational skills, but what happens during that practice time leads to cultural understanding and friendship.‌‌E3P Global Diversity

What do you have to do?

  • Attend Conversation Hour
  • Fill out a log sheet with your meeting times
  • Turn your log sheet into the business administration office

What are the requirements?

After 10 hours of interaction in the program per semester, participants are awarded a President’s Appreciation certificate. Of course, we don’t want to limit the program to that number of hours, but a minimum of 10 is required in order to get the certification.

For our international student participants, a minimum of 10 hours plus one workshop or outside lecture is required for the certificate (a workshop not tailored for international students; examples include a guest lecturer in the School of Business Administration, a workshop offered by the ASC, a cultural field trip, etc). You'll receive your certificate from the School of Business Administration at the end of each semester.


How do I join?

Are you interested in joining E3P? Email and we will get you connected!

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