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Get your MBA 100% online
Get your MBA 100% online
Get your MBA 100% online

18 month Supply Chain Management

Session 1
Course Credit Hours
MGT 6311 Supply Chain Management 3
Session 2
Course Credit Hours
MKT 6221 Integrated Marketing Management 2
Session 3
Course Credit Hours
MGT 6342 Global Logistics 3
Session 4
Course Credit Hours
MGT 6209 Organizational Behavior 2
Session 5
Course Credit Hours
MGT 6345 Procurement Management 3
MGT 6204 Global Perspectives in Business 2
Session 6
Course Credit Hours
FIN 6215 Financial Management 2
Session 7
Course Credit Hours
MGT 6208 Leadership 2

MGT 6312 Supply Chain Management Strategic Decision Making and Software 

Session 8
Course Credit Hours
ECO 6214 Applied Business and Economics Forecasting 2
Session 9
Course Credit Hours
ACC 6210 Integrated Accounting Analysis for Decision Making 2
Session 10
Course Credit Hours
BUA 6212 Crtical Thinking and Impactful Communication 2
MGT 6207 Strategic Management  2

Total Credit Hours: 30

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