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School of Business professor receives the Board of Trustee's Scholarship Award

05.13.2019 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
Faculty pictures for the fall 2015 semester

Dr. Thomas Bell, professor of business management and information systems, has won the Board of Trustee’s Scholarship Award.

Dr. Hector Quintanilla, dean of the School of Business, nominated Dr. Bell for the award due to his efforts conducted in scholarships.

The award serves as an affirmation that the awarded faculty member is engaged in ongoing academic scholarship.

“I am pleased, grateful and humbled to receive the Board of Trustee’s Scholarship Award and to join past recipients many of whom I have known, admired and respected. A very special thanks to Dr. Quintanilla and the Board of Trustees for selecting me. And I graciously salute all of this year’s nominees each of whom have made significant contributions to the scholarly community.” Dr. Bell said.

He has won the John Maddox Award twice, received the Sam Taylor Fellowship Grant twice and also received the Research and the Service Award from the International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines. He has been nominated for the Earl Brown teaching Award twice.

Dr. Bell has been a faculty member at Wesleyan since 1995 and is proudly still dedicated to his teaching, scholarship, university and community service.

Dr. Bell’s has this advice for students:

“Pursue your passion. Follow your niche. I wouldn’t recommend going after the status, prestige, or even the money. Find something you enjoy doing. If you’re willing to give it your full commitment; the prestige, the money, and the rewards will follow. I am a firm believer that we all have some God-given gift or talent. Our job to figure out what that talent is and then hone our craft in such a way that we are able to help those around us.”

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