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Get your MBA 100% online
Get your MBA 100% online
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Course Descriptions

Know what to expect in class before you even register. Check out the course description to see a snapshot of what you'll learn, required prerequisite classes you need to take and more. You can also see course descriptions by logging in to your Ramlink account.

BUA-1301 Introduction to Business

An overview of the historical and philosophical development of business as one of the most complex institutions in a pluralistic society. Included will be a study of the nature of business, the significant contributions of the field of business and its relationship to the social, political, and economic environment.

BUA-2310 Advance Bus Applica

This course is designed to give students experience with spreadsheet and database management system applications for the purpose of performing business tasks and for providing training for expected upper-division coursework needs. The course is in a lab environment with direct instruction concerning the use of current software, Internet applications, and electronic communication. Out-of-class assignments require the use of a computer with Internet access. A significant part of the course will require online projects.

BUA-2321 Business Statistics

Prerequisites: MAT 1302 (with a grade of C or better). An introduction to statistical techniques, including averages, deviation, simple correlation, time series analysis, and index numbers.

BUA-3301 Bus Communications

Prerequisite: ENG 1302 (with a grade of C or better). Designed to help students develop competence in written and oral communications by applying the basic principles of word usage, grammar, and style as well as psychological principles of communication

BUA-3305 MIS Analysis and Design

Prerequisite: Successful completion of 30 program hours. Introduction to the concepts of systems analysis and design. Focus is on the nature of information retrieval systems and the cost of information, emphasizing the design of systems to meet the information processing needs of the end user.

BUA-3311 Business Law I

Prerequisite: Successful completion of 30 program hours and ENG 1302 (with a grade of C or better). Designed to introduce the student to the legal environment in which business decisions are made.

BUA-3345 International Business

Prerequisites: Successful completion of 30 program hours and ECO-2305 (with a grade of C or better). A survey of the international dimensions of business. It examines theories of international trade and foreign investment, the location and diffusion of multinational enterprises, the importance of world institutions such as the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund to international business; trends in world trade, investment, and regional integration; and the economic, legal, political, and physical forces present in the world economy today.

BUA-4342 Entrepreneurship

Prerequisite: None This course is an experience-based course designed to provide students with hands-on application of business concepts applied to solving real-world social problems. This course is designed to develop the core competencies required to be successful in business by offering students the opportunity to use their business knowledge to help others. It develops team building, leadership, and targeted business skills through the pursuit of opportunities that improve the circumstances of stakeholders in the local, regional, and national communities. Through joining forces with entrepreneurs, business leaders and academic leaders, students will have the opportunity to join Enactus and may compete in regional competitions showcasing the team's development and impact of projects while acquiring and developing oral and written communication skills. All majors are welcome and encouraged to enroll and make a difference in their community.

BUA-4399 ST: VITA Service Learning