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Course Descriptions

Know what to expect in class before you even register. Check out the course description to see a snapshot of what you'll learn, required prerequisite classes you need to take and more. You can also see course descriptions by logging in to your Ramlink account.

MGT-3000 Management Elective

MGT-3319 Mgt Theory & Prac

Prerequisite: Successful completion of 45 program hours. Designed to introduce the student to the fundamental principles of the management process and the basic theoretical concepts of management.

MGT-3320 Human Res Mgmt

Prerequisite: MGT 3319 (with a grade of C or better). Provides a basic foundation for contemporary theory and practices relating to the management of people in organizations. Major attention is devoted to the basic personnel processes of staffing, training and development, performance, evaluation, management labor relations, and compensation.

MGT-3323 Prod/Oper Mgmt

Prerequisites: Successful completion of 45 program hours; ACC 2303 and BUA 2321(each with a grade of C or better). Basic theory and techniques for efficient industrial production. Emphasis is on the planning and controlling of operations and operating resources. Provides an overview of the many disciplines involved in the production/operations environment.

MGT-3324 Proj Life Cycle Manage

Prerequisite: Successful completion of 45 program hours. This course provides an overview and introduction to the discipline of project management with an examination of the project management process and the project management lifecycle. Students learn the operational framework of project management relating to the project lifecycle of project initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing in manufacturing or service organizations. Course also explores quality assurance concepts and ethics. This course provides the basis for the more advanced development of project management skills in subsequent project management courses.

MGT-3331 Sales Management

Prerequisites: MKT 3321 (with a grade of C or better). A study of professional sales principles and selected management topics, such as organization, training, and motivating a productive sales force.

MGT-3332 Organ. Behavior

Prerequisite: Successful completion of 45 program hours. A study of the behavior of individuals in organizational settings. General categories of study include the individual, the individual- organization interface, and the organization itself.

MGT-3346 International Management

Prerequisite: MGT 3319 (with a grade of C or better). A one-semester foundation course which examines in considerable detail important managerial functions within global enterprises today, such as those in production, finance, planning, marketing, information systems, accounting, and human resources. Provides an integrated managerial perspective of the inner dynamics of the global enterprise.

MGT-4308 Management Leadership

Prerequisite: MGT 3319 (with a grade of C or better). This course provides an overview of leadership theory. Emphasis is on leadership behavior explored through self-assessment, cases, discussion and simulation.

MGT-4337 Bus Policy & Dec Mak

Prerequisites: Business Core and senior standing or graduating semester (business major). Course includes readings, cases, and decision simulation in the process of determining and setting policies.

MGT-4359 Negot/Conflict Resol

Prerequisite: MGT 3319 (with a grade of C or better). Negotiation is a skills building course that focuses on identifying each student's innate negotiation style, modifying the behaviors to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses. Competitive and cooperative techniques will be learned and practiced until the student is able to match style and strategy to the task. Students will prepare negotiation plans; use active listening, and role reversal to influence their opposition. The focus of this course is on the use of negotiation in the workplace.

MGT-4393 Internship I

Prerequisites: Completion of 45 program hours or dean's approval; 2.0 GPA. Graded academic experiences that provide students with an opportunity to put classroom learning into practice. Internships provide supervised work experience directly related to one's major field of study.

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