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Developmental Programs

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The Developmental Program at Texas Wesleyan offers courses in writing, math and reading. These courses are designed to give students a better foundation and help them be more successful in their college level courses. Non-native speakers of English are offered specialized courses with ESL-trained instructors. 

The purpose of the Texas Wesleyan Developmental Program is to provide an opportunity for students with assessed deficiencies in writing, math and reading to receive appropriate developmental education in order to perform satisfactorily in college-level coursework.

The developmental courses count towards hours for financial aid purposes and figure into a student's overall GPA, but do not count towards hours needed for graduation. Enrollment and attendance in developmental courses is required in order to enroll in college level courses. A withdrawal of any kind (this includes a drop) will result in automatic withdrawal from all active level courses. 

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Developmental Programs

Lisa Scott
Director of Developmental Programs
Location: Eunice & James L. West Library 211
Phone: 817-531-4263

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8 a.m.-5 p.m.

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