Graduate Programs of Nurse Anesthesia

Reach the Peak of Nursing
No matter where you are in your CRNA journey, our nurse anesthesia programs put you at the top of your field.

Why Texas Wesleyan?

Our graduate nurse anesthesia programs are the largest in the nation — but when you get here, it won't feel that way.

We have expert professors who are here to communicate with you directly, not through a T.A., no matter where you're taking classes. You won't get that in every CRNA program with distance-learning options.

Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia

We train our CRNA students to be independent practitioners. With 21 primary clinical sites in 9 states, Texas Wesleyan is where you start when you're ready to advance your career.

Master of Health Science

You're a CRNA who needs a master's. Our online program gets you there, no matter where you are.

Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice

When you're ready to take your nurse anesthesia skills out of the O.R., our 100% online DNAP completion program gives you two concentration options.

Certificate for Nurse Anesthesia Education

Ready to train a new generation of CRNAs? Our nine-hour online program gets you certified.

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Graduate Programs
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