Admitted Student Checklist

Step 1: Send written acceptance of your offer
  • This must be received within 21 days
  • You can email your offer acceptance to
    or mail it to:

    Texas Wesleyan University
    Graduate Programs of Nurse Anesthesia
    1201 Wesleyan St.
    Fort Worth, TX 76105-1536


Step 2: Pay your seat deposit


Step 3: Send us your documents
  • Current passport photo
  • Physician statement certifying your health
  • Background check ($100 fee)
  • Malpractice form


Step 4: If required, take your chemistry course

Texas Wesleyan offers an online continuing-education chemistry course during the summer before the program start date that will meet this requirement.


Step 5: Complete your orientation

Your orientation will be at the Texas Wesleyan campus and will be held during the first week of classes.

At orientation, you will have some expenses that you'll need to include in your budget for the semester:

  • AANA Membership: $200
  • Microsoft Office: $90*

If your'e comfortable adding a Web browser on your laptop, you'll want to make sure you have Mozilla Firefox installed. If not, we can help you add it at orientation.

*You will not need to purchase Microsoft Office if you already have it installed.


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Graduate Programs
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Lisa Graham
Admissions Coordinator
Phone: 817-531-5854

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