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MSNA Course Descriptions


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ANE-6000 Master's Project

ANE-6101 Human Patient Simulation

Human patient simulation promotes the transfer of knowledge from the academic to clinical environment. Simulation experiences are designed to enhance critical thinking, problem solving, and skill development appropriate for the registered nurse entering a clinical anesthesia residency.

ANE-6231 Res. Meth. in Nurse Anesthesia

Comprehensive overview of research process including methodology, design and interpretation of findings, emphasizes acquiring knowledge and skills essential for critical evaluation of research reports.

ANE-6383 Clinical Practicum C

ANE-6422 Advanced Anes Pharmacology

Prepares the RRNA for a role on the anesthesia patient care team and in the administration of anesthesia by teaching analysis, synthesis, and evaluation skills in selecting and discussing appropriate anesthesia drugs for utilization in patient care situations.

ANE-6442 Advanced Anat Phys Pathophy II

ANE-6481 Clinical Practicum A

Application of principles of anesthesia

ANE-6482 Clinical Practicum B

ANE-6484 Clinical Practicum D

Application of principles of anesthesia

ANE-6603 Principles Anesthesia Practice

ANE-6605 Principles of Anesthesia Pract

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