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CRNA students from across the U.S. on campus for simulation training

06.16.2016 | By:

112 first-year nurse anesthesia students are heading to Texas Wesleyan from our distance sites across the U.S. to participate in the 2nd annual Simulation Symposium on June 17–20. 

“Simulation training is a crucial part of the curriculum because it allows the student hands-on practice without real patient consequences. It has been shown to enhance student competency, improve student satisfaction with learning and may ultimately translate to improved patient outcomes,” said Assistant Nurse Anesthesia Program Director Michele Ardigo, DNP, CRNA. 

During the four-day symposium, students will participate in intensive hands-on training to learn procedures like epidurals, central lines, codes, airway ultrasounds and regional blocks.

New This Year

This year, students will have two new modules: gastric sonography and popliteal blocks.

  • Gastric sonography is a relatively new ultrasound procedure that helps CRNAs assess stomach content when urgent or emergency anesthesia is necessary.
  • Popliteal blocks use a local anesthetic to numb the sciatic nerve starting at the knee and are commonly used in the anesthesia field.

Corporate Networking

In addition to the new learning opportunities, more corporations are using the Simulation Symposium to speak the nurse anesthesia students.

  • GE Healthcare is returning with their educational grant and application specialist.
  • Phillips and Halyard are providing ultrasound and simulation equipment.
  • Team Health is providing an evening for the students in downtown Fort Worth.
  • Sheridan Healthcare is providing lunch for the students.

Cutting-Edge Simulation Experience

Ardigo continues to grow and improve the simulation program. In addition to her four years of simulation experience and doctoral research in the area of simulation, Ardigo currently has a gastric sonography research study underway. Students recently participated in this study and will use their new gastric sonography skills on live models during the symposium.


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