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Course Descriptions

Know what to expect in class before you even register. Check out the course description to see a snapshot of what you'll learn, required prerequisite classes you need to take and more. You can also see course descriptions by logging in to your Ramlink account.

COU-6301 Theories of Counseling

An introduction to the theories and techniques of counseling and psychotherapy. An emphasis will be placed on the development of basic counseling skills and the major theories of counseling.

COU-6302 Life/Hum Growth & Dev

This course covers biological, cognitive, social, and emotional development across the lifespan. Practical applications of the material to counseling situations will be discussed.

COU-6303 Tech of Appr & Assess

Investigates the theories, principles, and practices of psychological testing. Explores test item development, test format development, and statistical analysis. Reviews established intelligence tests, achievement tests, mood measures, and personality assessments. Examines the appropriate role of the counselor and psychological testing in the clinical use of tests and assessments in the counseling profession.

COU-6304 Multi/Cross-Cul Coun

Examines factors relevant to successful counseling with different populations within a culturally diverse society. Explores counselor characteristics, attitudes, and strategies for developing cultural competence. Reviews cultural uniqueness through research, literature, films, and discussion.

COU-6305 Adv Sexual & Sex Dys

Practical study of biological, psychological and social factors influencing the development of both sexual health and sexual dysfunctions are examined. Special emphasis is placed on how to address sexuality related issues in counseling sessions.

COU-6306 Res Meth and Prog Eval

Prerequisite: COU-6303 Focuses on clinical methodology in evaluating programs. Examines, in detail, topics essential to clinical research: validity, single-case research design, group designs, assessment methods, statistics, and ethical issues. Students learn to plan a program evaluation, to develop measures, and apply clinical research methodology. At the end of the course, students will be able to design and implement an effective program evaluation.

COU-6307 Career Dev & Assess

A study of the theories and assessment techniques currently used in career guidance and development.

COU-6308 Advance Counseling

Prerequisites: COU-6301 or COU-6311 A practical study of advanced counseling techniques, application of those techniques, and a focus on interventions with clients in crisis.

COU-6309 Eth & Prof Cond for Coun

Introduces the ethical standards and professional codes of conduct essential for professional behavior. Develops the concept of the ethical professional through research and philosophy. Examines guidelines from various licensing organizations.

COU-6310 Advanced Psychopathol

Prerequisites: COU-6301 or COU-6311 A survey of the basic concepts of neurochemistry, psychopharmacology, diagnosis, and treatment.

COU-6311 Marriage & Fam Coun

A study of the historical development of systemic therapy, and an overview of the current use of the major theories in the field of marriage and family therapy.

COU-6312 Group Counseling

Prerequisites: COU-6301 or COU-6311 Studies the current theories and techniques of various theoretical models including the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and the social, diagnostic, and environmental factors that affect group counseling. Students engage in a six week group therapy practical experience.

COU-6313 Coun Child & Adol

Prerequisites: COU-6301 or COU-6311 A study of the major counseling theories as they apply to counseling children, adolescents, and their parents. Students will become aware of developmental, sociocultural, ethical, and professional issues unique to counseling children and adolescents.

COU-6314 Prof Iden & Preprac Skills

A practical, supervised experience designed to foster the transition from theoretical classes to the practical counseling setting. Students will be preparing to start their counseling experiences. COU 6304, COU 6307, COU 6309, and COU 6312 may be completed concurrently. However, all courses must be completed by end of student's second practicum.

COU-6315 Men Hlth Clin Prac I

Professional supervised field experience in mental health counseling while working with individuals, couples, and families. Students will see clients and work within their selected theoretical bases. Practical experience will be supervised by a field supervisor, faculty member(s), and peers. COU 6304, COU 6307, COU 6309, and COU 6312 may be completed concurrently. However, all courses must be completed by end of the second practicum course. This course may be taken twice for a total of 6 credit hours.

COU-6317 Intro to School Counseling

An introduction to the theories and principles of school counseling and guidance for classroom teachers who are beginning their master's studies. This course emphasizes the issues involved in being a helping professional in grades K-12, and the development of basic solution focused therapy skills as they relate to school counseling and guidance.

COU-6318 Programs in School Couns

An introduction to programs applicable to school counseling and guidance in the elementary and secondary school settings. This course emphasizes program development and activities according to TEA requirements and expectations for school counselors in Texas.

COU-6319 Prac in School Counseling

Prerequisites: COU 6301 or 6311 and COU-6302, 6363, 6304, 6307, 6308, 6310, 6317, and 6318. Completion of state-mandated 150 practicum hours to be arranged with the student and an ISD school counselor supervisor.

COU-6320 Principles of Couple Therapy

Prerequisite: COU 6311 This course is a fundamental introduction to the systems approach to interventions that integrates information regarding the marital, sibling, and individual subsystems, as well as family of origin and external social influences. Special emphasis will be placed on the substance abuse issues and systemic treatment approach to it.

COU-6321 Strat for Interven Family Ther

This course will focus on different therapeutic interventions that are based on family therapy models. Students will become familiar with importance of language and process in the session and how it can be applied to different family or couple issues.

COU-6322 Family Systems

A fundamental introduction to the systemic approach to intervention that integrates information regarding the marital, sibling, and individual subsystems, as well as family of origin and external social influences. Skill development focuses on conceptualization of dysfunctional family systems and strategizing interventions.

COU-6323 Family of Origin

Theoretical bases of family of origin work and transgenerational family systems approach. In-depth examination of the student's own family history and review of concepts and therapeutic techniques.

COU-6324 Family Therapy Practicum

Prerequisites: COU 6302, 6303, 6305, 6310, 6311, 6313, 6314, 6415, 6416, 6320, 6321, 6322, and 6323 Professional supervised experience in counseling couples and families; supervision of live and videotape sessions. This course can be taken up to 3 times for a total of 9 credit hours.

COU-6331 Psychopharmacology

Prerequisites: COU 6301 or 6311, 6310 An overview of medications, their intended clinical uses, side-effects, and hazards for the mental health counselor.

COU-6332 Crisis Intervention Counseling

Prerequisites: COU6301 or COU6311. Students are prepared for responding effectively in critical situations, both situational and developmental. Special emphasis on suicide, disaster response, and crises in schools.

COU-6333 Sub Abuse/Addict Disord

Prerequisites: COU 6301 or 6311, 6310 An in-depth study of addictive behaviors associated with alcohol, drugs, and other compulsive patterns. Emphasis on development of addiction counseling skills.

COU-6334 Commun & Clinic Ment Hlth Adm

Prerequisites: Completion of 18 hours of COU An overview of community mental health systems, including administrative, organizational, socio-cultural, and clinical aspects of policy formation, managed care, and mental health service delivery.