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Faculty: Submit your proposals for Wesleyan Scholars honors courses

09.04.2014 | By: Texas Wesleyan University

The Committee on Honors Programs is now accepting proposals for the Wesleyan Scholars Honors Program University honors courses for the 2015-16 academic year. 

University Honors courses are now 3-credit hour courses that can fulfill requirements of the General Education Curriculum (GEC). Included in your course proposal must be the justification for why your proposed course meets the competencies of the GEC literacy.

The committee welcomes proposals from all disciplines. While the delivery approach for the courses has typically been lecture/discussion, the delivery method is up to the instructor.

All of the previous seminars have been very popular with the students, so if you enjoyed teaching a course and would like to teach it again, please feel free to submit a proposal.

Remember that a Wesleyan Scholars Honors Program (WSP) course is considered part of your regular course load. All overload and adjunct stipends will be paid by the Wesleyan Scholars Honors Program.

Feel free to ask any member of the Committee on Honors Programs for clarification of this process.

  • Elsa Anderson
  • Jerry Bierschenk
  • Elizabeth Bridges
  • Linda Carroll
  • Rod Erakovich
  • Trevor Morris
  • Ibrahim Salih
  • Thomas Smith
  • Elizabeth Ward

Proposal submissions for 2015-16 are due Oct. 17, 2014. Please send a completed Proposal Form and required documents to Beth Battles at

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