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Get your MBA 100% online
Get your MBA 100% online
Get your MBA 100% online

School of Natural and Social Sciences

About Natural & Social Sciences

Do you want to be a biologist? How about a doctor? Have you ever thought about being an historian? In the School of Natural and Social Sciences, you’ll take hands-on classes that prepare you for a career in the health professions, STEM field or any of the social sciences.


Are you looking to take summer courses?

Do you need to take classes this summer to stay on track? Maybe, you're looking for something to fill your summer with? Take a look at the different summer courses the School of Natural & Social Sciences has to offer.

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Area of Study Degree Degree Plan
Biochemistry  B.A./B.S. View
Biology B.S. View
Chemistry B.S. ‌View
Computer Science B.S. View
Criminal Justice B.S. ‌View
Health Science B.S.H.S. View
History B.A./B.S. View 
Mathematics B.S. View
Paralegal Studies B.S. View
Political Science B.A./B.S. View‌
Psychology B.A./B.S. View
Sociology B.S. View
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